maniküre bei rubinbeauty

The hands are the visiting card of every person.

From classic nail care to perfectly modeled gel nails, I offer everything in my studio.

The cuticles are gently removed, the nails are shaped according to your wishes and painted perfectly with normal nail polish or gel lacquer.

From a wide range of colors choose the nail polish that suits you best. I am always at your service for any advise.


pediküre bei rubinbeauty

Ever thought about what your feet have to do every day and how much attention you give them. Treat yourself to a professional pedicure and give your feet exactly the care they deserve.

The footbath lets you relax and the cornea can be easily removed afterwards. Cuticle is pushed back and the nails are cut. Finally, the feet are massaged with a refreshing foot balm.

Eyelash lifting

wimpernlaminierung bei rubinbeauty

For those who like it natural, eyelash lifting is recommended. This is a combination of eyelash wave, eyelash dyeing and botox coating. The result looks very natural.

Fulfill your new look with perfect eyebrows. These are plucked in shape and dyed on request (also possible with henna).

Eyelash extension

wimpernverlängerung bei rubinbeauty


With the classic eyelash extensions you can thicken or extend the eyelashes and conceal natural defects.


2D volume

This method makes it possible to increase the eyelash density by two times. It uses thin and light extensions. Especially recommended for customers with little natural eyelashes.


3D volume

With this method you accentuate the beauty of your eyes and get a perfect eye-catching look.


4D volume

This eyelash volume technique ensures a high wearing comfort and a voluminous eyelash by inserting ultrafine, very light and elastic eyelash extensions.

Waxing / Sugaring

Compared to shaving, the skin stays smooth for a longer while with waxing - depending on hair growth even up to three weeks. For a good result, the hair must be at least 4 mm long.

For pain sensitive areas like armpits or in the genital area I also offer sugaring. In this case, a sugar mass is applied to the skin area, but unlike the waxing then deducted in the growth direction again. The sugaring works even with shorter hair of about 2 mm long.

Facial treatments

HYDRAGLOW means cleaning and refreshment on a water basis at the same time.
Cornifications are gently loosened, the skin immediately looks smoother and rosier. The uppermost flakes of skin are gently removed. After that, your skin is more receptive, so that I can inject specific active ingredients into you, depending on the treatment goal.
• refreshes sun-damaged skin
• reduces pigment shifts
• helps impure skin immediately
• pores are refined
• long-term counteracts combination skin
• helps problematic skin to find its balance
• provides more elasticity
• the skin shows more elasticity and resilience
• look forward to a nice "GLOW" effect
• the skin appears plumper and fresher